Seven ways to de-stress at work

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We’ve all been there before. You have a never-ending to-do list. Our coworkers all have an urgent request. Our boss is barking orders at us, and you don’t know where to start because you feel overwhelmed. Sounds all too familiar?

According to the American Institute of Stress, job stress is progressively escalating, and the statistics are alarming:

  • 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress
  • 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful
  • Job stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial or family problems

Even though you cannot control the situation at hand, you can control how you react to it and try to not let it take control of your life.

Here are some tips that can help de-stress your day:

  1. Take a deep breath: Sometimes you have to take a moment and just breathe. Breathing in and out slowly can help reduce your heart rate. One app, I recommend that is the Headspace app. It has short meditation and breathing techniques that will help you focus throughout your day.
  2. Read your stress away: I Want to be Calm: How to De-Stress is an excellent book for learning to be calm in every area of your life. It explores meditation, being mindful in your thoughts, living in the moment and remaining calm in everyday situations. Also, The Little Book of Mindfulness: Focus. Slow Down. De-stress is a great book for being mindful and focusing on your thoughts while integrating meditation tactics.
  3. Stretch and take a walk: Don’t spend all day with your eyes glued to the computer screen. Believe it or not, work can wait. Take a few minutes for yourself and walk around or stretch. Just taking 5-10 minutes will make a world of difference.
  4. Surround yourself with calming scents: Your senses, particularly your nose, can provide to you a calming effect. Aveda has a whole product line called Stress Fix that you can use. Also, Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line has a few products that can lower your stress. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser is great for cubicles and small offices to help keep you calm throughout the day.
  5. Drink your water: Make sure you stay hydrated. According to a article, mild dehydration can affect your mood, energy levels, and cognitive functions. This can heighten when you’re stressed – so drink up!
  6. Get some sleep: When you’re stressed it might be difficult to get sleep, but it’s essential when it comes to staying healthy. The Calm app is excellent for meditation and sleep.
  7. Eat healthy and take your vitamins: Eating unhealthy can worsen stress because it can cause high blood pressure and other stress-related diseases. While you might be tempted to eat sugary or savory foods – grab some yogurt, blueberries or cashews – foods that help you de-stress.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you as your face the day head-on. Also, remember that communication is essential. Not everything is a priority, and if you tell your coworkers what’s on your plate, hopefully, they will understand and work with you.

How do you de-stress at work?

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