Glassdoor: Why you should read all reviews before accepting that job

Job hunting can be exhausting! Whether you are looking for a job because you got laid off or you’re working at a job you hate and looking for a new one, it’s a full-time job looking for a job.

So when you get a call from a company wanting to interview you, or even better they want to hire you, you jump for joy! But hold up! Just because they want to bring you onboard doesn’t mean it’s the best company. Before you accept that offer or go too far in the interviewing process, I recommend checking out Glassdoor.

Glassdoor is a love-hate with most employers because current or ex-employees provide their thoughts on what it’s like to work for that company. Employees can be anonymous which can provide an opportunity for them to be unfiltered. Here’s why it’s important to read all reviews before accepting that job offer.

  • Reviews give you a peek inside the company: The great thing about Glassdoor is that they provide an insider’s perspective of the company. Reviewers provide the pros and the cons of working there and a star rating. In addition, to the reviews employees can state their salary and benefits. This is important because most of the time employers don’t mention the salary of the position until the end stages of the interview.
  • Watch out for too many good reviews: Employers know that candidates or potential candidates read Glassdoor so they might encourage employees to write good things about the company – especially if they have a ton of bad reviews. So watch out if you see a lot of five out of five-star reviews of people gloating about the company because they could be fake. One indication I’ve seen is the five-star reviews all tend to be written around the same time period. It could be within one month or all in one week.
  • Bad reviews can give you a warning: Bad reviews often serve as a warning for future employees about the harsh realities of the company. The company could have an amazing PTO, half-day Fridays, and smart and passionate employees. However, the cons could be that the company has a high turnover and is known for a bullying culture. Knowing this could have you dodge a bullet. I remember I looked on Glassdoor at a company that offered me the job and ignored the bad reviews and accepted the offer. Later I regretted this because I did end up seeing the cons of the company firsthand.
  • Read middle ground reviews: I like middle ground reviews (not the best, but not the worst) because they provide a great glimpse of what the company offers. These are most likely written by neutral employees or ex-employees who feel the company is great but also provides the truth of why it’s not perfect. They usually provide sound advice to management.

Employers, please take a look at your company on Glassdoor and instead of trying to paint your company as perfect with glowing reviews – make the necessary changes to improve employee morale. If there is a high turnover because of management – human resources should explore why that is happening. If there is a toxic bullying culture, this should be investigated because at the end of the day your employees are either your advocates or your worst enemy.

Job candidates, you might be desperate to make that move and accept their job offer, but it always helps to know what you’re getting yourself into before moving forward. This can be the difference of you enjoying your next job or looking for another one in three months.

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